Saturday, February 13

Of babies and the complicated yours truly

Some might agree that the wonderful creatures named babies are always cute or always looking cute instead . But for me , not all babies are cute , some of them only are cute . Really . The theory is the same when you look at people around you , they could be beautiful , gorgeous , cute , and ugly too for the record . Not to mention , yes there is a saying says "everybody is beautiful in their own ways" , on behalf of that yes I do agree with that saying , but when it comes to appearance , naah not everyone can look good you know . So do the babies . Hihi .

So when someone reacted to me , "awhhhhh so cute!" and if I think that baby is not cute , automatically my mouth would not react anything to that picture of baby . I will be looking at it , and walk away . Yeah , I could be judgmental to babies too at times , which is aaaaa not good (: Because to me , being honest is the most important thing to do , rather than faking around only .

Let me give you examples on which babies are cute , and which are not .

I shall say this one is aint cute .

Urm , this one also not cute .

Sorry , this too .

I know , I might be mean by saying which babies are cute and which are not , but that is the fact we're having in this world right . But one thing that I always remind myself is , does not matter if the babies are cute or not , they all are gifts from God to the parents . So what parents need to do is to take care of them all with love . Theoretically , it is the same when someone gives you a birthday day gift and it ain't lovely , you should not throw it away , but instead you keep it , because at least someone gets you a gift rather than you receive nothing at all . So enough of not-so-cute babies , let's move on to the cute babies !

haih so comel !

alololo , baby rhino !

"Mommy , lets go to pasar !"

"I am a shy-shy cat baby"

ish geram !

*all images are from Google*

There you go , all those cute babies . And aha , Congratulation to Sue Anna Joe , finally she got to see how her baby looks like (:

"Luqman Wazif"
Photo from ; Sue Anna Joe's motherly blog

Haih . I know why so sudden talking about babies ? I don't know . It is just that I have this motherly feeling lately . Weird . When I went to magazine shop , I'll be looking through the young parents magazines , then when I walked into shopping mall , I will sure passed by the babies shop , and got excited to see how cute are their things , and when I am reading someone's blog , and they all were talking about pregnancy and stuff , I feel like I want to get pregnant too , and holding my own babies . Phew ! I just find that baby gives me harmony just by looking at them . Sigh . But thinking of me right now being a mother at the moment ? Is obviously a big NO NO . I am sorta afraid to handle that big responsibility now , even though I did have thought of getting married in my early 20s , and get pregnant so that my babies and I will be growing together , and so that the bond will be much more closer . My parents have no problem of me getting married early , it is just that I've been thinking that I am actually ready for the commitment , but at the same time I feel that I am not fully ready yet . And what I thought of that , I'll suddenly emo-ish . Just like just now , when I was reading Sue Anna Joe's blog .

Suddenly I feel so sad . Just because it's going to take a few more years till I can see my own babies . Few more years ?!! Ish don't know whether sempat or not . Because I felt like Qiamat is so near dah . See I am that complicated . Suka fikir dalam-dalam sampai diri sendiri pening . Haha .

Enough of my motherly hormone . Haha ;P

So I guess , Majority babies in the world are cute and only minority isn't that lucky to be cute heh .

Last but not least ,

ada rupa macam the boy in the 'Up' movie tu , hihi suka !

Eh eh okay okay , Imma gonna stop here . Toodles , wassalam .


anas.愛 said...

ahaha. taknak kawin adopt la :P heh

Dena said...

adopt taks ama dengan sendiri punya anak !

timmie , kiat pun.tengahs angat macam

"nak baby!" HHHAHAHA

pst imissyou

aben said...

ngan naluri keibuan nye..

i'm sure u gonna b a great mom 1 day nt.

tp act,cm pelik je.


aben said...

lupe plak.

i suke baby yg nk p pasar tuh.

a f i q a said...

tim, the baby number 2 tu baru keluar perut mama die kot.

cuz still biru & stuff.

the earthly cuteness belum sampai kat die lagi kot :)

eheh.any way, i pun dulu mase SPM macam berangan angan nak kawen awal but then again, condition sekarang macam tak sesuai :(

p/s: baby yang paling cute adalah baby yang comel & tak banyak nages

Dirty Hair Halo said...

cute as they are, i can totally wait.

Syuhada said...

Hai Fatimah! Remember me?

Anyway, love reading this blogpost. And about Sue Anna Joe motherly blog, hmm i sampai menangis baca blog dia bila dpt tau dia dah dpt baby. And same goes when i read Perempuan Jomblo - Ladynoe and Susu Dalam Botol - Hidd (Adi Nang's wife). Dia cerita detail betul setiap peristiwa masa dia masa bersalin. I menangis baca blog dia sbb hmm i dont know. Maybe sbb perasaan terharu dgn semangat diorang lahirkan baby, penuh kasih sayang.

HAHA :D then after menangis sungguh2, i fikir balik, why lah nangis2 mcm tu sekali? Maybe teringin nak ada baby sendiri (macam u jgklah hihi) and dah terasa umur makin meningkat. Perlu bersedia utk ada tanggungjawab lebih besar - means tanggungjawab seorang ibu (Cet padahal umur baru 20 tahun haha)

Eh em sorry Fatimah sbb komen pjg2 kt sini. Hope u dont mind ♥ said...

ANAS , Hahahaha that also can , janji you get yourself a baby ! But don't do free sex kayh :P Not good :P

DENA , Yeah , youve got that point true . Anak sendiri , I meant babies in our-making and babies adopted lain , cos baby kita , kita yg mengandung kan , much more will appreciate it lah kannn ? Lets have babies ! Well in future tho , NOT NOW absolutely , haha :S Miss you too girl .

ABEN , haha well you should be pelik . I know , tim sekarang adds on with babies , EKKKKKKK . But really thanks , hope one day I shall be a great mum to my great kids . Kids tauuuuu ! :P

FIQA , Yeah maybe . I still taktau banyak lagi pasal babies . Will discover it later bila ada anak sendiri , cehhh cehhh mengada I nih :P Haha ! Tu ah baby yang comel juga baby yang hingus tak meleleh annoying-ly . tapi semua hingus je leleh ? Eiuw . Ok i lost my point somewhere in here :P Hehe

DIRTY HAIR HALO , thanks tho. Baby is of course cute XD

SYUHADA , Hi there ! Of course laaaaa i still ingat you . I am still reading your blog there (:

Ohmy , you baca sampai nanges . Hehe so comel . Like you really feel it lah . Tau takpe . No , you see girls like us macam lady Noe and Anna Joe , diorang time muda like us also huha sini sana but till they had their own babies , jadi macam motherly habis . all those motherly hormones semua keluar tau . sangat best .

But tu lahh , when you get married , the responsibilities bertambah not to mention when you are own-ing your own children , double your responsibility please . But I guess that hows life works ? Aint that true ? Hee .

Naah dont mind about the long comment as I've replied a long one for you too :P

Syuhada said...

HEHEHE :D Yup thats true.

Em oh thank you sbb reading my blog. Lama gila tak update sbb macam tak tahu apa nak update dah.

Honestly suka gila baca your blogpost semua sbb u pandai je bercerita. Cara u bercerita tu menarik :) Like it.

Ms Ana said...

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