Saturday, February 13

Of babies and the complicated yours truly

Some might agree that the wonderful creatures named babies are always cute or always looking cute instead . But for me , not all babies are cute , some of them only are cute . Really . The theory is the same when you look at people around you , they could be beautiful , gorgeous , cute , and ugly too for the record . Not to mention , yes there is a saying says "everybody is beautiful in their own ways" , on behalf of that yes I do agree with that saying , but when it comes to appearance , naah not everyone can look good you know . So do the babies . Hihi .

So when someone reacted to me , "awhhhhh so cute!" and if I think that baby is not cute , automatically my mouth would not react anything to that picture of baby . I will be looking at it , and walk away . Yeah , I could be judgmental to babies too at times , which is aaaaa not good (: Because to me , being honest is the most important thing to do , rather than faking around only .

Let me give you examples on which babies are cute , and which are not .

I shall say this one is aint cute .

Urm , this one also not cute .

Sorry , this too .

I know , I might be mean by saying which babies are cute and which are not , but that is the fact we're having in this world right . But one thing that I always remind myself is , does not matter if the babies are cute or not , they all are gifts from God to the parents . So what parents need to do is to take care of them all with love . Theoretically , it is the same when someone gives you a birthday day gift and it ain't lovely , you should not throw it away , but instead you keep it , because at least someone gets you a gift rather than you receive nothing at all . So enough of not-so-cute babies , let's move on to the cute babies !

haih so comel !

alololo , baby rhino !

"Mommy , lets go to pasar !"

"I am a shy-shy cat baby"

ish geram !

*all images are from Google*

There you go , all those cute babies . And aha , Congratulation to Sue Anna Joe , finally she got to see how her baby looks like (:

"Luqman Wazif"
Photo from ; Sue Anna Joe's motherly blog

Haih . I know why so sudden talking about babies ? I don't know . It is just that I have this motherly feeling lately . Weird . When I went to magazine shop , I'll be looking through the young parents magazines , then when I walked into shopping mall , I will sure passed by the babies shop , and got excited to see how cute are their things , and when I am reading someone's blog , and they all were talking about pregnancy and stuff , I feel like I want to get pregnant too , and holding my own babies . Phew ! I just find that baby gives me harmony just by looking at them . Sigh . But thinking of me right now being a mother at the moment ? Is obviously a big NO NO . I am sorta afraid to handle that big responsibility now , even though I did have thought of getting married in my early 20s , and get pregnant so that my babies and I will be growing together , and so that the bond will be much more closer . My parents have no problem of me getting married early , it is just that I've been thinking that I am actually ready for the commitment , but at the same time I feel that I am not fully ready yet . And what I thought of that , I'll suddenly emo-ish . Just like just now , when I was reading Sue Anna Joe's blog .

Suddenly I feel so sad . Just because it's going to take a few more years till I can see my own babies . Few more years ?!! Ish don't know whether sempat or not . Because I felt like Qiamat is so near dah . See I am that complicated . Suka fikir dalam-dalam sampai diri sendiri pening . Haha .

Enough of my motherly hormone . Haha ;P

So I guess , Majority babies in the world are cute and only minority isn't that lucky to be cute heh .

Last but not least ,

ada rupa macam the boy in the 'Up' movie tu , hihi suka !

Eh eh okay okay , Imma gonna stop here . Toodles , wassalam .